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Sam Marquez is a retired firefighter, who joined Melrose's Engine 41 in the early 70's and served for over 20 years, most notably through the "Bronx is Burning" era.


Brandon Cris


April 2017


Brandon Cris
Sam Marquez


Brandon Cris
Sam Marquez



Collection Items

Interview with Sam Marquez
Sam Marquez recounts his first hand experience of being a firefighter throughout the 70s/80s in The Bronx.

Portrait of Sam Marquez
Portrait of Sam Marquez outside Bronx Documentary Center

80's memorabilia at Engine 41
Photos of 80's era Engine 41 firefighters on display at Engine 41.

Sam's Memorabilia
Award presented to Sam Marquez by the Community for Immaculate Conception People for Change

Sam Marquez at Engine 41
Sam Marquez standing outside Engine 41

Sam's Annual Stickball game
Stickball game on 117th St. in Spanish Harlem.

Sam Marquez, USMC
A portrait of 20-something Sam, newly minted US Marine.

Engine 41 Interior
Firefighter gear and memorabilia at Engine 41

'1984 NYC Marathon
Sam Marquez at '1984 NYC Marathon
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