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A Call for Cultural Centers

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This exhibit shows the decline, and sustatined oppression of cultural centers in the South Bronx, and the importance of reversing that trend. It uses various published sources, as well as a first-hand account from Melrose resident, and founder of the local Bronx Documentary Center, Michael Kamber.

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Activism, Perseverance, faith, and asses getting kicked in the South Bronx

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The South Bronx's history history of oppression and and lack of concern from the city forced the community incward on it self. Active Resiedent Marty Rogers was able to funnel his anger with the city towards uniting the commuity to fight the powers. 

Being Black and Brown in "The Boogie Down"


Chaney Yelverton: Community, Challenge, and Change

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This exhibit introduces and gives context to Melrose resident and community activist, Chaney Yelverton's oral history. His oral history was conducted as part of the Melrose Oral History Project, a collaboration between NYU Gallatin's (Dis)Placed Urban Histories and WHEDco.

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Collaborate of Collapse

Tariq Snare

Tariq Snare is a Brooklyn-born percussionist. He has served as a cultural ambassador for the United States, traveling across the world while sharing and spreading hip hop culture. He began his musical career at Laguardia Music and Art High school in Harlem and followed that with a concentration in Classical and Jazz at Long Island University. Tariq has a distinct style of drumming, which can be best described as an eclectic genre-bending fusion. This inclusive style of drumming directly correlates with his multitude of experiences throughout a lengthy career. He currently works as the drummer for Native Deen, a Muslim hip hop group based out of Washington, D.C. and is also the drummer and musical director of Morrisania Band Project — a musical collective and incubator based out of Morrisania in the South Bronx. Tariq’s life journey has created what has become a deep respect and admiration for music. He now dedicates his life to teaching techniques of rhythm across the world and sharing what he considers to be the world's language: music.

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Community, dissolution and the road back again


Mike Abner discusses communities in the Bronx

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Creating a Better Melrose: Addressing Community Needs Through Low-Income and Affordable Housing


This exhibit explore affordable and Low-income housing options in the Melrose area and how these two resources can be used within the community to address concerns raised by two long-term Melrose residents, Maria and Yolanda Caban. 

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Daniel Barber, the Sergeant


Ed Garcia Conde: Narrating the Bronx from Within


This exhibit examines storytelling from within and outside Melrose, using outside media sources juxtaposed with the perspective of blogger Ed Garcia Conde — he has experienced narratives from both sides of the borough boundaries. His oral history was conducted on April 13, 2017 in a collaboration between WHEDco and NYU Gallatin.

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Schools are social institutions. Children deserve the opportunity to develop into multifaceted and multidimensional people. Too often, however, American students are denied that chance. In the South Bronx neighborhood Melrose, students are vulnerable. Numerous studies find that the neighborhood’s schools are underserved and underperforming. However, there is more to the neighborhood than statistics. While it is crucial to understand the problems that exist, there is also a lot to be proud of. There is resilience. There is diversity. There is hope. There is energy. There is music. There is art. There are Yankees. 

There are people who are passionate about urban education. Sister Patrice Owens has worked as an educator since the 1980s. She started her teaching career in a fourth-grade classroom in Melrose. She fell in love with the work and furthered her own education. In the early 2000s, Sister Patrice Owens came back to Melrose and serves as a principal of Immaculate Conception School. Over the years, she’s witnessed and helped facilitated neighbourhood change. A strong and determined principal of her school and advocate for the Melrose community at large, Sister Patrice Owens aspiration is to ensure that her students develop their skills and talents. She hopes that her students see themselves as contributors to society, to Melrose. She says, “it’s the whole child” that she seeks to develop.