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Mark Lu on April 8, 2017


A transcript of Mark Lu's oral history, recorded on April 8, 2017

A professional photo of Mark

UES LuGhidetti Studio Rental.jpg
The studio Mark and Luigi lived in on the Upper East Side before they moved to Via Verde in 2012

Woodstock LuGhidetti Residence Interior.jpeg
The interior of Mark and Luigi's home in Woodstock

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Woodstock LuGhidetti Residence Backyard.jpg
The backyard of Mark and Luigi's home in Woodstock

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With Justice Sotomayor Celebrating Her Birthday at Our First Restaurant.jpg
Mark and his partner Luigi with Justice Sonia Sotomayor celebrating her birthday at their first restaurant

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Via Verde LuGhidetti Residence.jpg
Mark and Luigi's 1 bedroom co-op apartment in Via Verde

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The Draft House.JPG
Mark and Luigi's restaurant, The Draft House, located in Hamilton Heights

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Porto Salvo Prior.jpeg
What the location of Porto Salvo looked like before Mark and his partner bought it

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