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Transcript of the oral history interview conducted April 2017 by Margaret Arabpour of Maria and Yolanda Caban; sisters who are long-time residents of Melrose

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Eduardo Garcia Conde was born in Mott Haven in 1975, and goes by the name of Ed. He has two words of his last name as part of the Puerto Rican tradition — both his parents moved to the South Bronx from Puerto Rico before their 20s. Ed grew up as a…

Jefri Mesa Interview.m4a
Jefri Mesa describes his childhood in the Melrose section of the South Bronx, where his mother continues to live. He believes that Melrose started to get gentrified around 2010 and discusses the ways in which community members can preserve their…

Mark Lu talks about his life, including immigrating to Brooklyn from China, going to college, his careers in real estate and restaurants, and his current neighborhood, Melrose.
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